Health Transformations for Change-Makers, Visonaries, and Entrepreneurs

Are your health challenges stopping you from doing your soul’s work?

Check and see if any of these sound like you:

  • You give so much to others, but there’s nothing left at the end of the day for you.
  • You’re passionate about making the world a better place, but you can’t get momentum because you get hit hard by every cold and flu that goes around.
  • You’re sick of faking it through your day, pretending to be fine when actually you’re exhausted and in pain.
  • Your energy is constantly being drained by stress and pain, and you can’t imagine feeling well enough to get to the most important things on your to-do list.
  • You’re so tired you can’t focus on your work, and find yourself staring at the screen, getting nothing done.
  • You have to turn down exciting opportunities because you worry you’ll get a migraine or anxiety attack and won’t be able to fulfil on your commitments.
  • You sense that there’s a deeper meaning underneath your illness, but no matter what you try you can’t seem to figure it out.

What would it feel like to:

  • Jump out of bed in the morning, excited to get things done – and still have energy at the end of the day to connect with your loved ones.
  • Effortlessly create your perfect healthy lifestyle so you can stop feeling guilty and start walking your talk.
  • Quickly bounce back from high-intensity times in your business.
  • Keep a clear head and stay calm, no matter how crazy life gets.
  • Bring your work and your health into alignment so they feed each other – and use that energy to fuel your soul’s work and take your business to the next level.
  • Actually follow through with the projects you plan and start saying yes to big opportunities.
  • Look great so you can be confident in front of your community (no more worrying about those circles under your eyes!)


Cracking the Code of Our Health Problems

Getting out there to make a difference in the world can mean a lot of running on adrenaline – and then suffering the consequences. I’ve been through that cycle too many times, and I know how frustrating it is to work so hard only to wind up burnt out and exhausted.

When we crack the code of our sacred illness, we can stop this draining cycle and experience overflowing energy. And when we channel that energy into the work we’re called to do, we can move mountains – without sacrificing ourselves.

A Deeper Path to Healing

I used to think the key to creating change was to work as hard as humanly possible – no matter what it cost me. I’d throw myself into each new project and push as hard as I could, until I burnt out and had to abandon it. I wound up with a severe flare-up of Crohn’s disease, in so much pain I could barely leave my bed.

But this time, I knew that my body was calling me to live in a different way – to change how I lived so I didn’t have to keep going through the same boom and bust cycle, healing myself only to make myself ill again. After several months of going deep within myself to find the answers, I emerged from my healing crisis with a completely new relationship to my life, my work, and my body.

Having deeply healed myself, and experienced the joy of letting my body guide me to live in a way that fuels my work, I felt called to help other change-makers to transform their lives in this way. Because I know that when we learn from the message behind our health problems, we become unstoppable.

Support for Your Healing Journey

Based on over 10 years of training and clinical practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine, experience in many holistic modalities, and my lifelong fascination with the mind, body, and spirit, I help women to overcome their health challenges so they can be powerful agents for positive changes in the world. I provide:

  • Blog posts and videos to inspire healthy lifestyle change
  • Health Transformation coaching (online or in person)
  • 1 Day Health Transformation Intensives (online or in person)
  • Online courses

I love working with change-makers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who:

  • Are ready to dive deep and heal the root cause of their health problems
  • Feel the call to change their lives so they can be the best version of themselves
  • Are willing to take responsibility for their health so they can be the author of their own destiny

If you’re ready to get started and transform your health, sign-up for my free online mini-course here.

And if you’d like my personal help with a plan to get you back to health, drop me a line and let me know where you’re stuck.


  • I have seen Moss as an acupuncturist and herbalist for a few years now. There was a time I had some serious digestive issues, and with her help got me back on track. I have and would recommend her to anybody!
    Tamara HajskyNIA Instructor
  • Moss is a fantastic TCM practitioner ~ wonderfully compassionate, highly intelligent and technically skilled. I have gone to see her for various health concerns over the past six years (some more chronic and serious than others), and I always feel better after doing so. Her approach to holistic health care is grounded in extensive knowledge and always helpful!
    Lindsay AllenCommunity Health Researcher
  • Moss is a thoughtful, hard-working practitioner of Chinese medicine. She studies constantly to accumulate knowledge which she is adept at then providing to her patients in a focused manner. Her skills are based deeply in the medicine she practices, but also in the lifestyle and dietary recommendations she makes.
    Paul Kohlmeier, BPE, RMT, R. AcAcupuncturist and Owner of Straight To The Point Community Acupuncture

Health Coaching

Ready to end your health struggles for good? Let Moss be your health ally! With a solid education and years of clinical experience, Moss has the tools to guide you to your best health ever.

Health Coaching


The My Health Ally blog and youtube channel is packed with practical ways to live a healthier life. From diet and exercise to emotional health and chronic illness transformation strategies, Moss has got you covered!

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Moss Andrewes, D. Ac
Moss Andrewes, D. Ac
Moss Andrewes, D.Ac, is the creator of The Speaking Body Technique. She is a Health Transformation Coach and a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, working with visionary entrepreneurs and change-makers to overcome their health challenges so they can fulfill their potential. Through her blog and youtube channel, she works to create a healthier culture by teaching people how to transform their health. She also spreads her message through public speaking and writing.

With years of clinical experience, a deep respect for the natural world, and personal experience of healing herself from chronic illness, she is passionate about guiding others on their sacred journey to vitality. More about Moss