Anti-Stress Hacks: Move Your Body! The Easy Way to Reduce Stress with Exercise

What’s an anti-stress hack? It’s a quick and easy way to decrease both your stress levels, and the unhealthy consequences of stress.

A few years ago, I got obsessed with the idea of biochemistry hacks – understanding how to change what’s happening in your body on a biochemical and hormonal level so you can change how you feel. And I know that one of the major things that gets in the way of us feeling good is stress, so this is the start of a series focusing on hacks that will help you to stop stress in its tracks and feel better right away.

A Trouble-Shooting Guide to Stress and Illness

When we understand how the human body works, it’s much easier to switch off stress.

Do you ever wish that your body came with an instruction manual or a trouble shooting guide?

Often the workings of our body seem mysterious and out of our control, especially when we feel anxious or stressed out. But the truth is that once we understand the way the human body works, and learn how to listen to it and communicate back to it, it’s really pretty simple to change what’s happening.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can teach us how to de-stress

One of the most useful tools I’ve found for understanding the human body is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), because generations of doctors in that tradition spent their lives observing the body in both health and illness, and created a very effective system for bringing us back to good health.

So, to kick off my anti-stress hack series, I’ll be teaching you one of the most effective ways to quickly reduce stress, based on the TCM theory of Liver Qi Stagnation. Don’t let the unfamiliar terminology put you off – it’s actually super simple to understand, and it’s essential to understanding how your body works, so watch the video and it will all become clear!

Using Exercise and Physical Movement to Relieve Stress

You’ve probably heard that exercise is a great stress-reliever, but why? And how can you get those stress-relieving benefits when you have deadlines looming and no time to get to the gym?

The good news is, it doesn’t take a full workout to reduce your stress levels. Check out the video to find out the quick and easy way instead!

From Stress to De-Stress in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Learn to recognise the feeling of Liver Qi Stagnation. Hallmark signs are frustration, irritability, and tension through the ribs, chest, neck and shoulders. The quicker you can recognise when it’s happening, the easier it is to course correct so you can feel better (and not snap at someone!).
  2. Move your body! Remember, it doesn’t have to be enough movement to count as “exercise” – just a few minutes of stretching can help relieve Qi stagnation and make you feel better. (My personal favourite way is dancing to an upbeat pop song because it really gets me moving).
  3. Notice how you feel after moving. When you notice yourself taking a deep breath, or the muscles in your shoulders and chest relaxing a bit, you’ll know that you’ve moved enough. And paying attention to how good it feels when you’ve relieved that tension makes it much easier to remember to do it next time you’re tense!

Remember, anti-stress hacks only work if you do them, so give it a try!

And if stress is impacting your life and your health, then don’t wait – take my free 7 day challenge now!

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Moss Andrewes is an acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in women’s health and chronic illness. Originally from the UK and now residing in Canada, she is a writer, speaker, and event organizer, focusing on health, sustainable living and community. Her lifelong passion for making the world a happier, healthier place has led her through many adventures, including off-grid sustainable living, disaster relief, and various community health projects. She currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with her partner and two cats.

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