Rebalancing the Five Elements

for Lifelong Health

A 5 Day Course to Heal You From the Inside Out

The Five Elements is one of the main systems used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to understand why we become unwell, and how to bring us back to optimal health.
In this easy-to-follow 5 day program, Moss Andrewes, D.Ac, will guide you through simple yet powerful practices designed to heal your body from the inside out.
From improving your digestion and energy levels to reducing stress and how to have a deep, restful sleep, this course teaches a practical mind-body approach to natural health that will transform how you live your life.

Day 1: Earth

Nourish your center, optimise your digestion, and relieve worrying thoughts.
  • Learn why how you eat is just as important as what you eat
  • How to put your body in the optimal state for digestion
  • The link between your state of mind and your energy levels
  • Transforming worry to gratitude to boost your energy and digestion

Day 2: Metal

Breathe deeply to heal your body, heal skin and immune system problems, and transform pain and loss.
  • Learn abdominal breathing to transform your whole body
  • Balance the metal element for any lung, skin, or immune system issues
  • The impact of grief, disappointment, and loss on your health
  • Transforming painful experiences into gold

Day 3: Water

Flow through life, slow down to nourish your Yin energy, and release fear and anxiety

  • How to age gracefully
  • Cultivating Yin to heal reproductive illness and fertility issues
  • Putting the brakes on a chronic stress response
  • How to find calm in a busy life

Day 4: Wood

Reduce stress and tension, move your body to move your Qi, and resolving anger and frustration
  • The key to resolving chronic pain
  • Why modern life is stressful, and how to reduce stress in your life
  • Using exercise to heal your body and mind
  • Transforming depression, anger, and frustration

Day 5: Fire

Live from the heart, find a good night’s sleep, cultivate gratitude and joy
  • Why happiness is good for your health
  • How to have a deep, restful sleep
  • Sleep habits to keep for the rest of your life
  • Expanding your capacity for gratitude and joy to transform your physical health

Rebalancing the Five Elements for Lifelong Health

An Online Program to Heal You from the Inside Out

Each day includes:

  • 20-30 minutes of instructional videos
  • How each element impacts your health
  • How to have emotional balance for each element
  • Daily practices to heal each element
  • Downloadable pdf guide to the daily practices
  • Bonus practices for deeper healing

Plus two bonus audio guided meditations for healing Fire and Water elements.

While this course is created as a 5 day program to fit into people’s busy lives, it is designed to be used over and over to create healthy habits and permanently change your health for the better. You will have access to the course for as long as it exists, so you can use it whenever you get rundown, stressed, or off track with your health.

Rebalancing the Five Elements for Lifelong Health is currently not available and will be re-released in February 2017. If you’d like to be informed when the course reopens please use the Contact link in the top right!