Health Transformation Coaching with Moss

I offer Health Transformation Coaching to change-makers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and anyone who struggles with maintaining their health while making a positive impact on the world.

My coaching programs guide you through my system for healing chronic illness at the deepest level: The 5 Secrets to Making Your Body an Ally to Your Success.

Module 1: Your Unique Balanced Lifestyle

Each person is different, which is why one-size-fits-all systems don’t work for everyone. In this module, you’ll learn how to create the lifestyle that works best for you and your body, as well as how to make the best choices in any situation.

  • Get back in touch with your body and reap the rewards: lower stress levels and more energy.
  • Learn to love moving your body so you can stay fit and active into old age.
    Stop forcing yourself to make the “right” choices, and create healthy habits that feel fun and effortless.
  • Heal the mind-body split so you no longer have to choose between health and all the other things you want in your life.

Module 2: Transforming Pain into Bliss

Living with chronic pain is exhausting and frustrating. This module gives you practical tools to decrease pain, both in the moment and long term, so you can start living again.

  • Get relief from chronic pain with simple, easy-to-follow guided practices.
    Learn why your state of mind impacts how much pain you feel, and how mindfulness can help heal chronic pain.
  • Stop living in fear of the next episode of chronic pain, because you know exactly how to handle it to heal it quickly.
  • Learn how to prevent pain before it starts.

Module 3: Discovering the Gift of Your Illness

Having a chronic illness can often lead to feelings of confusion, doubt, overwhelm, and self-blame. Your health problems are not your fault – they are a signal from your deepest self that something in your life is out of alignment. By listening to this sacred message, you can discover untapped potential and never-imagined gifts that will transform every aspect of your life and help you become who you are truly meant to be.

  • Get to the root of why you are ill, and discover what your illness has been trying to tell you.
  • Use the wisdom of your body to guide you to your best possible life.
    Free up the energy that’s been drained by doubt and confusion so you can start focusing on the work that’s most important to you.
  • Discover your hidden gifts to take your business and your life to the next level.

Module 4: Cultivating Magnetic Vitality

Energy levels are central to our ability to feel good in our bodies, do our work, and enjoy our lives. This module will teach you the Chinese Medicine concept of Qi and practical ways of working with it, so you can get everything done and still have energy at the end of the day to play with your loved ones and have some fun!

  • Learn how to work with your body rather than against it, to create abundant, sustainable energy levels that will fuel your life’s work.
  • Learn how to manage your energy levels even with a demanding schedule.
  • Find out why resting actually makes you more productive and saves you time.
  • Bring your body and your work into alignment so they feed each other, instead of having to sacrifice one for the other.
  • Cultivate new practices that will give you a vibrant, healthy glow and help you to age gracefully.

Module 5: Mastering Your Stress Response

Stress causes or worsens many health conditions, and the modern world gives us plenty to get stressed about. In this module, you’ll learn how to maintain an even keel no matter what happens, to let go of habitual stress responses so you enjoy your life more, and to feel calm in situations that previously caused you anxiety.

  • Get control of your stress response so your health doesn’t get thrown off course by your high intensity business and life.
  • Learn mindfulness techniques that will keep you calm in even the most stressful situations.
  • Take more risks in your business without being afraid of a stress-induced health crisis.
  • Heal anxiety and stress-related physical symptoms to you can start saying yes to those big opportunities!

Module 6: Launching Your Best Life

Integrate everything you’ve learned into a plan for ongoing health and vitality that will keep you healthy into old age.

  • Get crystal clear on your path to ongoing health.
  • Make sure you don’t slip back into old habits by changing your way of being in the world.
  • Learn powerful tools to keep you in great health for the rest of your life.

Health Coaching FAQ

What is Health Transformation Coaching?

Health coaching gives you the support you need to make changes in your life that will help you to heal from health problems that have been holding you back.

I specifically offer Health Transformation Coaching, because my coaching packages are designed to not just help you manage your symptoms and make healthier choices, but to guide you in healing the root cause of your illness and transform your life so you can accomplish all that you dream of.

Does the health coaching package include Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies?

All of my health coaching is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a holistic form of healing that includes several modalities including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and dietary therapy.

I incorporate TCM diagnosis and practices into my health coaching because it gets my clients the fastest results.

Depending on your specific situation, coaching can include TCM dietary therapy, herbal prescriptions, and Elemental Acupuncture Deep Healing sessions – a luxurious combination of acupuncture and essential oil acupressure.

Will this work for me?

Health Transformation Coaching is not for everyone. It works best for people who are motivated to change their lives for the better, and who are willing to take responsibility for their health.

It is ideal for people who feel a strong calling to make a difference in the world, and who are willing to dive deep to get to the root cause so they can heal at the deepest level. Not everyone is ready to work at that level, but for those who are, it will change their lives.

Who will this not work for?

If you are simply looking for temporary relief from your symptoms, or are unwilling to take responsibility and make changes in your life, Health Transformation coaching is not the right choice for you.

My approach encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of illness, so if you are looking to fix your illness on a strictly physical level and are uninterested in the other aspects, I am not the right coach for you.

Do you guarantee results?

I can guarantee that if you take the actions and do the work I recommend, you will get to the root cause of your illness and transform your health.

Successfully achieving your health goals depends on whether you do the work or not. I can’t make changes for you – I can only guide you in the best changes to make.

I teach my clients powerful techniques that reduce stress, boost energy levels, and relieve chronic pain and other symptoms, but they only work if you actually use them!

I’m a very busy person. How much time will it take?

How much time does being unwell cost you? Sick days, visits to doctors and other practitioners, hours spent searching the internet and agonising over medical decisions, fruitless time spent trying every solution under the sun – all this is time you could be spending enjoying your life and turning your vision into reality.

Health coaching is the most time-efficient path to healing, because you don’t waste time trying things that don’t work. You could spend years figuring it out for yourself, like I did, but with my help you can fast-track your healing process.

Coaching sessions are 45 minutes, either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the package you choose. I specifically work with busy people who have many demands on their time, so many of the tools and practices I teach are very quick and easy to use.

One of the principles I use is that the plan for healing has to fit with your lifestyle, so the advice I give is tailored to each client’s personal situation. This is what makes working one-on-one such a great time saver.

I offer lots of additional online resources so I can meet each person where they’re at, whether they have a few minutes a day or hours to devote to healing.

Does it cost a lot?

There is no “cost” for Health Transformation coaching – this is an investment in your future and all those who you would help if you were in tip-top health.

Taking care of your health problems once and for all is an investment that will pay off over and over again throughout your life. When we struggle with health problems, it costs us – in time lost at work, medical appointments, low energy, and many other ways.

Take a moment to add up the cost of staying stuck in your health challenges. Time off sick from your business or job, hours wasted due to fatigue or poor concentration, expensive health trouble-shooting with endless supplements and different practitioners – how much is that costing you each year?

My coaching programs are designed to get you to your best level of health, and typical results include greater productivity at work and being able to take on more clients or projects. When you get your body on board, it’s easy to up-level your business or career.

I live in a different country – can I still get coaching from you?

Yes – all coaching sessions take place by Skype or phone, so I work with people from all over the world. Almost all the services I offer can be done virtually, including the Health Transformation 1 Day Intensive.

What’s the difference between in-person and virtual coaching?

You get all the same benefits in virtual and in-person coaching. The only difference is that in-person is more luxurious, with some extra nurturing touches.

Are you Ready to Dive in and Start Transforming your Health?

Are you Ready to Dive in and Start Transforming your Health?

Answer these questions (in confidence) and I'd be happy to connect with you.