Dear friends from Straight to the Point,

Thanks for coming to check out my new website! I’ve missed you all in the last few months. As you may know, I’ve had some health problems that have made it difficult to keep up with the fast pace required at a community acupuncture clinic. Thankfully I’m now feeling well enough to return to practice, and I’m excited to let you know about my new project.

While I love the community acupuncture model, I’ve decided to transition towards a different style of practicing acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. For a while now I’ve been wishing I had more time with each of you, so I could get deeper into the roots of your health concerns and offer more dietary and lifestyle guidance. I believe that occasional in-depth consultations are a great complement to regular community acupuncture sessions and can provide the best of both worlds.

I’ll still be at STTPCA for the occasional shift, but I will no longer be there regularly. With the vision of providing more one-on-one care, I’m now offering herbal consultations, dietary consultations, and health coaching for those struggling with chronic illness who need more in-depth support than community acupuncture can provide. I’m also currently offering mobile acupuncture, providing home visits for those who are too unwell or too busy to make it in to the clinic.

Obviously, it’s not possible for me to offer these one-on-one services at community acupuncture rates. I’ve felt very torn between my commitment to providing accessible health care that most people can afford, and my desire to take the time to give my patients the tools they need to keep themselves healthy. If you’d like to work with me but can’t afford my rates, I do have a sliding scale so please get in touch.

I’m also writing an email Healthy Living Newsletter, with articles on how to use Traditional Chinese Medicine to stay healthy, and I’m currently writing a book on the same topic. If you’d like to get the newsletter, you can sign up here.

It’s been difficult to leave STTPCA, having built up such strong relationships with so many of you, but knowing that Paul is there to take care of you makes it easier.

I hope you’re well and thriving. I miss you, and hopefully I’ll see you during one of my upcoming clinic shifts.

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

Your health ally,



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